Parenting Group

New West LA Parenting Transition Group: College & Beyond

At the Center for Psychological Services
10825 Ashby Ave., LA, CA 90064

Are you the parent of a sophomore, junior or senior in high school? Or maybe you’re the parent of a college freshman or sophomore or a young adult entering the fulltime workforce…… in any case you are in the middle of one of life’s major transitions and a little support might be just what the doctor ordered.

Join our short term monthly group where you will find a welcoming environment to explore one of the biggest shifts in any parent’s life. How do you best take care of both yourself and your child during this time? What does planning for your own future look like now that parenting responsibilities are receding and shifting yet new ones are beginning to form?

For more information please contact Maureen Donley at 310.359.9445

Maureen Donley, M.A. brings to the Center a deep passion for family life and all of its complexity. She works with parents, adolescents and kids offering an opportunity to resolve conflict, alleviate distress and lay the groundwork for successfully negotiating life’s inevitable challenges and the ever-shifting dynamic of parent/child relationships.

As the parent of two teens and a tween, both by birth and adoption – adoption related issues are a special area of focus. Maureen holds an M.A. from Antioch University with a Child Studies Specialization. She has worked as a Counselor in both K-8 and High School settings and is currently completing a two year internship at the Southern California Counseling Center where she is finishing the Family Training Program. She also co-facilitates the LA Adopt Family Support Group. Before returning to grad school to study psychology, Maureen enjoyed careers in both theatre and film on both coasts as a stage manager, producer and studio exec. She holds a deep understanding and appreciation for the challenges of navigating professional life.

Maureen’s therapeutic approach is grounded in attachment theory, mindfulness and mind/body interplay along with a fundamental relational stance that values connection and grounding.

Maureen Donley, M.A.
Marriage and Family Therapist Registered Intern #65541
Supervised by Dr. Bonnie Goldstein, PhD. #15621