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I’m looking forward to working with you. We have some options for next steps for your consideration – see what feels like the best fit and we can go from there

In Person

My office is in the Gardens Building in Brentwood, CA. It does indeed have beautiful gardens in an open air central atrium along with numerous spots to chill and hang with the koi and an occasional turtle – it’s centering and refreshing.

Online (via Skype)

If a face-to-face meeting is not possible then an online meeting is available as an option. This is available to California residents only.


We can have an introductory phone conversation and also full phone sessions if circumstances, for whatever reason, prevent an office appointment.

I can help with anxiety and depression and have an added expertise with creative professionals, adoption related issues and addressing past and present trauma.

Call or email and we can begin!

Take care and be well,