LA Adopt – The Importance of Support

I recently co-facilitated our third meeting of the LA Adopt Support group this past weekend. I had the privilege of working with the tweens and teens that came. While the parents were in discussion with the adoption specialist Jeanette Yoffe (see and the younger kids were having a great, supervised time in the playground […]

Best Parenting Practices: Hold on to Your Kids | Parenting in Santa Monica

Parenting in Santa Monica is just like anywhere else, here are some good Parenting Practices: Hold on to Your Kids I had the honor and pleasure this past week to watch Gordon Neufeld being interviewed for the great new parenting site which will be launching this coming June. Gordon is the author of Hold […]

The Core of Resilience: the ultimate antidote for depression and anxiety | Depression Treatment Santa Monica

There is Depression Treatment Santa Monica, I can assist! I’d like to direct your attention again to the work of Dr. Brene Brown. In an earlier blog I referenced her TED talk on vulnerability which I found to be a very powerful reflection on the original meaning of the word ‘courage’ – which is to […]

Quiet: The Power of Introverts and the renewal of a Culture of Character | Individual Counseling

Maureen Donley offers individual counseling in Santa Monica. Here is a great individual counseling article on the power of quiet. If you haven’t heard about the new book Quiet by Susan Cain I encourage you to click on the link below and spend twenty very worthwhile minutes listening and watching her most recent TED talk […]

Alan Watts on Music and Life

Alan Watts was a British philosopher perhaps best known for his work introducing Buddhist and other Eastern philosophical concepts to the West over the course of the 50’s and 60’s. I encountered him recently in the form of a YouTube video that had been animated by Matt Stone and Trey Parker – the creators of […]

Meeting the Dragon of Resistance: How to Overcome Creative Blocks

If you’ve ever struggled with meeting a deadline or starting a project you have encountered what Steven Pressfield in his book, The War of Art, calls Resistance with a capital R. This expresses itself most noticeably perhaps in procrastination. There are endless ways we find to distract ourselves; the chores that all of a sudden […]


The Paradoxical Theory of Change | Psychotherapy West Los Angeles, Santa Monica

I had the opportunity this summer to attend a series of workshops presenting Gestalt Theory that was supervised by the faculty at the Pacific Gestalt Institute.  It was there that I was introduced to a short article by Arnold Beisser, M.D. entitled The Paradoxical Theory of Change.  You can find the full text of the […]

Sister Corita Rules

Rules for Living | Psychotherapy West Los Angeles, Santa Monica

A client of mine introduced me to Sr. Corita Kent’s rules this past week.  Sr. Kent (  was internationally famous for her art in the 1960’s and 70’s.  Her work is now part of the permanent collection of the Hammer Museum and is part of a current exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art as […]